It's Not Just "Junk"
And We Don't Treat It As Such

We started our company with a mission to make the clean out process as simple as possible for our customers. Cleanout Clearance not only takes extra care to make sure that all waste is properly disposed of and recycled, but we also take into account that not everything that we take is actually junk. With wide variety of items, we take the extra effort to resell, donate and recycle! Our goal is to make sure that we try to prevent as much as possible from going into landfills and don’t mind making the extra efforts to do so for our planet. When you choose us, you choose to make a conscious effort to help our planet by hiring a team that cares about the environment and will take the necessary steps to prevent as much as possible from going into landfills.

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Our Services

Junk Removal
Furniture Sales
Physical Labor
POD Unloading

Areas We Service:

  • Nassau County
  • Suffolk County
  • Queens
  • Brooklyn
  • Bronx
  • Manhattan

Treat Yourself To A Clutter-Free Home

The process is simple! We send a team of two professionals and a truck to your home or place of business and once you give us the green light, we get straight to work. You just point and we will have it removed. We work quickly and efficiently to take up as little of your time as possible. Once everything is loaded on the truck, we thank you and are on our way. 

It’s as easy as that!

What Happens After the Clean Out is Complete?


Once the items are loaded up onto the truck, we head back to our headquarters and get to sorting through everything that we collected. Plastics, wood, metal, electronic waste, quality furniture, clothing, toys, etc. Everything has its place and we sort items based on their quality and makeup and even take certain items apart to ensure that they are properly disposed of.


As previous furniture resellers, we have developed a network of buyers and marketing skills so you can rest assured that your furniture is in good hands and we will do our best to find it a new home. It's a very time-consuming process, which is why no other junk removal business provides this unique service for their customers!


There are some cases when an interested buyer is no where to be found. In these instances, we reach out to our charity partners and donate the furniture and other items such as clothing, toys and books to help those in need. For any donated items, we can send you a tax deductible receipt upon request.

Recycling/ Disposal

Not every thing can be resold or donated but no need to worry because our team goes the extra step to recycle as much as we can. Now you may think that there is plenty of junk that can not be recycled. This is true but many of those things when stripped down to individual parts can be reused or recycled.

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